TP to Qualify for Dakar - Merzouga Rally March 31st - April 5th 2019

With less than a month and a half to go until the Merzouga Rally in Morocco, my opportunity to qualify for the Dakar 2020, the race to secure funding and assistance is on.

Having weighed up numerous options and routes, I've managed to cut my overall cost for the Rally down to R162,000. The bulk of the budget being the entry fee (€3600 / R58,000), the rental of a bike and team assistance, and then the "little" things; flights, hotel, visa, licence, insurance.

Digging deep, with the help of my folks I've come up with R60,000 of the R162,000, enough to secure the rental of a bike from an experienced team.

The next hurdle will be the entry fee, R58,000, before March 6th when entries officially close.

This is where I need your help... no matter how big or small.

It's almost time to prove to the world what one little South African lady is capable of.

If you'd like to help or donate, please get in touch with me for Banking Details.

Every Rand, Dollar or Euro is going to count.

Or if you have other means of helping, be it kit items I have yet to acquire for Merzouga and Dakar, or ways to help me spread the word... get in contact. You don't know how much your consideration will mean to me.

And if you want to get your brand or company on board with me, partner up, be represented, I can send you more info on request.

Thank you for supporting and following my journey and dream.

One step closer!

Taye Perry