Taye Perry to take on Morocco Desert Challenge as preparations for Dakar 2021 get serious

With the dust from Dakar 2020 settling, Taye already has her sights on the 2021 edition. After stepping comfortably into the top 50 in her very first Dakar Rally, only to face a bike problem that would put her to the ultimate test and almost cost her the race, pushing her to the back in general standings, Taye is focused on proving that she won't just run with the top 50 again, she'll fight for position as well.

This year preparation will be different, as Taye plans to get more time on the rally bike, starting with the Morocco Desert Challenge in April, where as last year she got away with a mere two rallies worth of experience on the big machine.

"Every day I got to race the rally bike was a day I got to up my game. The relationship is still pretty new. And I'm excited to see what I can do with more time on it." - Taye had to say.

All depending on funding and backup, Taye plans to compete in more world rallies and rally-raid events in preparation for Dakar 2021. She believes that there will always be more to learn, always more to improve, and that there's no better practice than to be in race-mode, fully focused, chasing dust, behind a complicated roadbook, for days of long hours, with thousands of kilometers of the unknown ahead.

"...this is the stuff we live for," she says.

Still being a privateer, and having made her own mark in the global rally scene, there's an opportunity for partners and backup to team up with Taye.

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2020 is sure to be a big year for Taye. Follow her on Instagram, Facebook and/or Twitter to keep up to date with her rise into world rally, the build up to Dakar 2021, her progress and her journey as she proves what a little person with a big imagination can do.